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Every year, congregations must publish an annual report, reviewing their activities and presenting the accounts. 2009 is the first year we've had an electronic version, so the files don't go any further back

2009 Annual Report, 2010 Annual Report 2011 Annual Report  2012 Annual Report

Every five years or so, Presbytery commissions an inspection of all the buildings belonging to congregations. Our buildings were inspected mid-2010 by Ian Jamieson of Ross, Smith & Jamiesion, and a copy of his report is available here. It is in three parts, plus photograph files; these photo files are quite large and may take a while to open. The full printed report is available to office-bearers on request

2010 Inspection Intro, 2010 Inspection Part I, 2010 Inspection Part II, 2010 Inspection photos I, Inspection photos 2, 2010 Inspection photos 3

During 2013 the office-bearers undertook the Local Church Review, and the final report's Action Plan can be viewed by following the link. An important outcome of this was the Mission Audit which was presented to and welcomed by the Kirk Session

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