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Scottish Referendum

On Sunday 21st September, the congregation are to be invited to say together the Act of Commitment (see below). It was due to be used that day in St Giles at the "service of reconciliation" and John Chalmers, Church of Scotland Moderator, asked for it to be used in churches across the land. The text is a development from the four words that appear in the cup of the mace in the Scottish Parliament. Once the words are read, people were to be invited to come forward and light a candle as a sign of their commitment.

All: We commit ourselves to work for the people of Scotland,
          uniting to build a better society,

          grounded in the values and ideals we share

Leader:        Let us act wisely
          All:     respecting our differences
                   healing one another's pain
                   working together for the common good

Leader:        Let us act justly
          All:     towards those who have held different views
                   towards those who cannot stand up for themselves
                   towards those who live life on the margins

Leader:        Let us act with compassion
          All:     when we see others struggling
                   when our neighbour needs support
                   when our rivals are in despair

Leader:        Let us act with integrity
          All:     putting the good of others before our own
                   putting honesty and truth before personal advantage
                   putting self-interest aside in favour of self-sacrifice and noble service

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