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Kirk Session and Board News

Congregational Board
At its meeting on 7 April, the Board was pleased to learn that offerings to date this year were on a level with the budgeted needs, and at the June meeting, we learned that offerings are ahead of the budget! With regard to property the Board has commissioned improvements to the lighting system in church. The type of bulb that has been in use for many years is no longer available as the technology moves to low-energy bulbs. Other property upgrades are needed, but it was agreed that the lighting was a priority.

Another coffee morning and table sale has been arranged for Saturday 27 September

Kirk Session
The most recent meeting of the Session, on 12 May, included a visit from a representative of Presbytery. Stenhouse St Aidan's congregation is currently vacant and various options for its future are being explored. The Presbytery reps are visiting the Kirk Sessions of all the neighbouring congregations to see how best church life in this part of the city can be managed

Session also agreed in principle to the possibility of starting Messy Church events, as described in the Minister's Letter

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