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Guardians of Ancora

What is it that attracts 50 children every day to a church holiday club? Is it boredom during the last week of the school holidays? Is it because parents want their kids out of the house? Or is it - as surely it is - because we offer an exciting mix of fun, music, crafts, games and Bible stories? Surely the kids wouldn't come back every day if they weren't enjoying what's on offer.

Anyway, thanks to the hard work and commitment of a team of 23 leaders from this church and beyond, that's exactly what happened in August. The  Guardians of Ancora holiday club was a great success! Set in the imaginary city of Ancora (apparently the name is Italian for "anchor") the kids were invited into the Hall of Memory. As guardians their quest every day was to find treasures and discover the stories connected to them. So what do fishing nets, Roman sandals, a mat, a framed picture of a hand, tins of tuna and bread rolls have in common? They all lead into Bible stories about Jesus, of course!

Not only were there stories to discover, but also crafts to make. These varied from fishing nets to iced biscuits, from cardboard houses to lanterns. Add games in the church and snack time into the mix and it seems we had a winning formula! The Family Night with Barbecue also went really well, with around 70 attending. Parents enjoyed seeing something of what the kids had been up to, then eating with and chatting to the team. View the album of photos

All in all the holiday club, just as much as previous ones, has been an important event for the community, helping to build positive relationships with the church. Warm thanks go to all the team for their efforts.

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